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Many of you have enjoyed our Chateau Panigon, as it’s one of our best-selling Cru Bourgeois in the shop. But Panigon is so much more than just a great tasting Bordeaux, it’s a wine with a magical, ancient history, as is so often the story with wines of its caliber. The word “Panigon” appeared for the very first time in the writings of the French Renaissance writer, François Rabelais. Rabelais penned a series of five novels, Gargantua and Pantagruel, wherein the two are on their way to consult the oracle of the Divine bottle. Rabelais was a great lover of wine and his tale continues to depict Gargantua and Pantagruel’s reception by the king Holy-Panigon on the island of Chely.

The origin of the Vineyard of Panigon predates the French Revolution. While the first edition of the French Bordeaux wine guide, Cocks & Feret in 1850, titled Bordeaux and its Wines mentions Panigon. The following edition printed in 1868 qualifies the Panigon vineyard as one of the official Crus Bourgeois. Subsequent official qualifications confirm Panigon as among the top tier of the multiple Crus Bourgeois. Indeed, with its copious medals – gold, silver, and bronze – Panigon has been one of the best-selling Crus Bourgeois in Asia for more than a decade.

Chateau Panigon’s estate, incredibly old and meticulously maintained, extends 225 acres, with 130 acres under vine. The estate has been family owned and run for many generations – which ensures continuity – and since 2006, the daughter and son-in-law of the owners, Corinne Leveilley-Dadda and Georges Dadda have taken over the management of the Château, determined to produce red wines which express the purest definition of the Medoc tradition. Furthering their commitment to excellence, they have partnered with one of the region’s most gifted enologists, Eric Boissenot. His resume reads like a who’s who of the most important Bordeaux Chateaux, and having him at the helm ensures glorious wines.

2015 Chateau de Panigon Cru Bourgeois Medoc:

Dating to before the French Revolution, this estate produces some rich, generous wines. This vintage is in that mold, with its rounded black fruits, crisp acidity, and solid core of dry tannins. The structure will allow the wine to age, giving great potential. Drink from 2020+.

Wine Enthusiast, Roger Voss

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