About Park Street Wine Cellars

Park Street Wine Cellars is the brainchild of Certified Sommelier, Wine Industry Guru and all around man of the vine, Christopher Massie. With more than 35 years’ experience in the wine industry, you could say he had an epiphany. This awaking resulted in a complete 180; a shift from what Christopher has been peddling for the vast majority of his career back to the types of wines “real” folks like to drink. And so, with that in mind, we bring you Park Street Wine Cellars.

Park Street Wine Cellars is a place where you walk through one rack after another of high scoring wines (90-99 points from the most respected critics of our generation). Where every bottle on display elicits yet another, “No way, there is NO WAY they can sell this for such a low price!” It’s a place free from glitz, free from any iota of pretension – don’t expect to find snobby or pushy salespeople dressed in suits hocking their highest commissioned wines – Park Street Wine Cellars plays ball by a whole new set of rules. Every bottle of wine at Park Street Wine Cellars is as important as the first. From the most basic Muscadet to that 99 point Cali Cab, everything is sourced as directly as possible.

Park Street Wine Cellars is a throwback to Christopher’s days working retail for some of the great family-owned stores of the 1980s. A time where folks knew their wine merchant by name, when their merchant knew THEM by name and when there was a familial sense to every transaction. “Hey Todd, I restocked your favorite Cabernet.” Making Todd smile (he’s never been treated this way anywhere in town). “Hello Christie, that Chardonnay you love is on sale this week.”  Christie beams!  You almost feel like you’ve been transported to another era…

The wines? Yeah, they’re as honest and delicious as they are well priced. We pride ourselves on hand selecting only the finest. Christopher’s selection criteria keep the suppliers honest. Thirty five years in the biz, he’s seen it all! And finally, everything you need to know about what’s in every bottle we pride ourselves on is right there in our promise to you:

“Park Street Wine Cellars is dedicated to the discovery and enjoyment of the world’s greatest biodynamic, organic, environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly wines.”