Armando Piazzo Dolcetto D’Alba

Our Hottest Selling Italian Wine All Time!

As it always does when dealing with direct imports, it took a while, but our shipment from Italy FINALLY arrived! And in this shipment – as promised – we restocked our best-selling Italian wine of all time (heck, it may be our best-selling wine period). Those of you who have been purchasing this treasure by the case already know, there’s nothing like it. I’m talking about the lip smacking, luscious, easy to drink (even easier to gulp) Dolcetto from Armando Piazzo. The Wine Advocate started the craze, saying “This is a bold, opulent, and happy wine that will put a smile on your face – and not only because of that low price. Bright purple and ruby in color, the Dolcetto D’Alba exudes raw fruit with bright cherry and blackberry preserves. There is a lot of richness and density here…” Since that review, we’ve sold hundreds of bottles. So, I’ve now brought in another several hundred bottles to help satisfy the demand. In stock, priced right, and ready for your dinner table tonight, come on down and pick up a supply for family and friends. You know you love it, and it discounts 10% on the case! Order ahead if you like, we’ll have it ready for ya’!