VALUE ALERT: 94 point Chateau Bel Air 2016

Stunning Value at only $17.99! “The bottled 2016s capture every bit of the potential I sensed when I started tasting the wines from barrel, prior to en primeur, in January 2017. I found many 2016s to be even better from bottle than they were during the spring futures campaign. The best 2016s are powerful, richly layered, vibrant and stunningly beautiful, not to mention incredibly delicious and alluring. For … Continue reading VALUE ALERT: 94 point Chateau Bel Air 2016 »

Brilliant, Bodacious Viognier-Based Beauty

My #1 Best Selling White Wine All Time  Without question one of my best-selling wines is Ogier’s Cotes Du Rhone Blanc “Artesis”. It’s all about the Viognier, I’m convinced, as this has one of the most pronounced aromatic profiles, followed by the most exciting flavors you’ll ever taste in the for $18! As with its stablemates, the grapes for this perennial overachiever are grown on terraces of … Continue reading Brilliant, Bodacious Viognier-Based Beauty »

Viotti’s Irresistible, Drink-Me-Now Albarossa

Nothing Like it in All of Italy One of the most unique and delicious wines I brought in with our recent Italian shipment comes to us from the Viotti company in Piedmonte. The grape varietal they’re using dates to 1939 when one Professor Dalmasso – one of Italy’s most famous experts in the study and classification of cultivated varieties of grapes, an ampelographer – crossed … Continue reading Viotti’s Irresistible, Drink-Me-Now Albarossa »

One of the Greatest Chardonnays We’ve Tasted!

Meursault or Napa, this will Thrill You! So, you say you’re a fan of Meursault but don’t want to pay the tariff for the pleasure of the ride? Well look no further my friend, for the perfect substitute just made its way across my palate. It comes to us from Luca, in the Tupungato of the Uco Valley in Argentina. It’s the perfect balance between a Burgundian … Continue reading One of the Greatest Chardonnays We’ve Tasted! »

100-point Winemaker’s $16 Steal!

Only 5 Cases at this Price! One thing I have constantly stressed when assisting folks with ferreting out tremendous wines that fly under the radar – those hidden jewels costing a third of what that should – is to learn the winemakers behind the wines. Often, especially in Bordeaux, very wealthy and well tenured winemakers – those who own multi-million-dollar properties in pristine appellations – will find … Continue reading 100-point Winemaker’s $16 Steal! »

Brechet’s 96-point Rockstar Pure Grenache Lirac

Drinks Like a $75 2016 Chateauneuf! The Brechet family, owners of the world-renowned Chateau Vaudieu Chateauneuf du Pape, have been producing their stunning wines across three appellations since the 1700s. Passed from one family member to the next, it would be upon the death of Gabriel Meffre in 1987 when his daughter Sylvette Bréchet stepped in to take control. She was joined by her son … Continue reading Brechet’s 96-point Rockstar Pure Grenache Lirac »

Abrigo Giovanni’s Outstanding Barolo Ravera

One of the Finest 2015s Bottled! The story of today’s phenomenal Barolo estate, Abrigo Giovanni, began much like many do, with a patriarch arriving to Barolo and setting down new roots. The estate’s founder, Giovanni Abrigo, moved to Diano d’Alba from Treiso in 1968, purchasing the old Crava farmhouse which now houses the family’s historical cellar. Giovanni and his wife Maria managed what was then a … Continue reading Abrigo Giovanni’s Outstanding Barolo Ravera »

The 100-Point Winemaker’s Club Keeps Rollin’

Baby L’Eglise Clinet for a Fraction of the Price When searching for value in great Bordeaux, as I’ve always said, you’ve got to know the back story. That’s how I buy my Bordeaux – the selections you see in my shop – and it’s how I came to select today’s offering, Chateau les Cruzelles. First, the ownership. Cruzelles is owned by one of the most famous chateaux owners and winemakers of our … Continue reading The 100-Point Winemaker’s Club Keeps Rollin’ »

10th Century Estate STILL Rockin’ the Charts!

Cuvee 1682 – THE Perineal Overachiever A perineal overachiever, with multiple 90+ ratings under its belt, yet still available for less than $20, Fontareche can trace its unbroken history to the 10th century. Under a grant from the Archbishop of Narbonne, Fontareche and its glorious towers became an official estate, and would remain under that single ownership until changes at the beginning of the 13th century. Additional changes came at the second half of the … Continue reading 10th Century Estate STILL Rockin’ the Charts! »

93 points and less than $30?! Jump on this one folks!

Chateau Roylland Wows the Critics! I came across Chateau Roylland in the spring of 2017 at the UGC event in St Emilion. That’s where multiple Chateau gather their wines under one roof for convenience and comparison. I was there for the annual En Primeur week and this was my day to taste about 50 St Emilions.  I was crammed into the space, elbow to elbow with hundreds of … Continue reading 93 points and less than $30?! Jump on this one folks! »