Chapoutier Magic for a Song!

Killer New Arrival

Michel Chapoutier is one of the greatest winemakers of our time. His ability to coax the most incredible flavors from so many of the world’s once unheard-of sites is truly magical. In the nearly 40 years since taking full control of his family’s 200-year-old business, the wines from M. Chapoutier have risen to the ranks of the most coveted. Every major critic – especially Robert Parker – has heaped huge praise on these wines. Few can compete with an M. Chapoutier Cote Rotie, Chateauneuf du Pape, Roussillon or other wines from around the globe. Be they mono varietal or blends, these are the kind of wines we hedonists adore!

Most recently, Michel launched a new and thoroughly unique project involving Michelin starred restaurant Chefs. Michel believes that wine belongs with food. This is one of the driving forces behind his decision to convert and work each of his vineyards following Biodynamic farming practices. To drive that philosophy home, he’s paired with world renowned Chefs on his new project. For his Cotes du Rhone project, he has paired with Yannick Alleno.

Yannick, much like Michel, is a fanatical creator. His temperament is strong, watching him work in the kitchen as well as the vineyards is wild. Yannick is a three-star Michelin Chef in Paris, a perfectionist. Michel, as we know is a pioneering winemaker, a globetrotter. Together, they selected a plot of old vines in the southern Rhone and crafted this wine for “haute gastronomie.”

The Wine Advocate has followed their progress since day one. Each vintage has gotten better and better. And now we have the tremendous vintage of 2017 – one of the southern Rhone’s very best! This is what you get when you combine the Chapoutier perfectionism, the Yannick Alleno attention to detail and perfect palate, and Mother Nature’s bounty. A perfectly quaffable wine, a red packed with black fruits and spice, powerful yet supple and refined. A killer value to boot!

2017 Yannick Alleno et Michel Chapoutier • Cotes du Rhone:

Like several other of the Chapoutier wines from the Southern Rhône, this 2017 Cotes du Rhone looks appreciably more concentrated than its 2016 counterpart. A 60-40 Syrah-Grenache blend sourced from the Gard, it’s full-bodied, layered and rich. Tannic, but filled with dark fruit notes and hints of cola and dried spices, it ends long and velvety. It’s an indisputable bargain.

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate


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