The Best Chardonnay You’re Not Drinking – Yet!

Italy Mimics Burgundy’s Best Meursaults

I love Chardonnay! In all its many facets. From Burgundy’s crisp, bone dry Chablis to Puligny and Chassagne where we get Chardonnays with incredible complexity, drive and vigor. I love Chardonnays from the Maconnais with their tautness and hints of fresh butter. I adore Napa’s big, bold, buttery, creamy versions with all my heart. Sonoma, too. With their nod to Chablis but with more apples and stone fruits driving the beat. And now I’ve discovered that I thoroughly adore THIS Chardonnay! It’s really unlike anything I’ve tried – yet reminds me of some of my all-time favorites at the same time. You’ve heard of the Alps. But did you know that there’s a set of vineyards in Italy’s Alpine region? In the Dolomites. Way up there in Trentino Alto Adige, they’re growing Chardonnay – killer Chardonnay! Reminds me of some of the great Meursaults I’ve had. The estate is Cesconi and in Dolimiti there’s no one else producing Chardonnay on this level. They age like the great wines of the Cote, too. Their 2014 is as fresh and exciting to drink today as ever. One sip – not too cold, mind you – and you’ll be hooked, too. If you’re a serious Chardonnay lover like me, that is…  

PSWC: Pale, straw yellow in color, clear, transparent rim. Nutty, buttery, lightly oaked nose with scents of caramel, beeswax and stone fruits. Full, rich round, buttery and ripe on the palate. The oak component is delicious, leaving the wine oh, so balanced. The finish is creamy, with the acids giving lift and focus. A dynamite wine resembling wines of Burgundy’s Cote D’Or.

Cesconi Chardonnay Dolomiti